Wealth Management Remuneration Survey

The remuneration survey covers all elements of the remuneration package, is produced twice a year and is the only survey dedicated exclusively to wealth management.

Under the remuneration package we include analyses of basic salary, bonus, LTIPs, share options and car allowances, with information collected as at the end of May and November, to ensure only the most current data is used for reviews. The report also enables the client to compare remuneration, working hours, leave and benefits against the market as well as a client-defined peer group. The survey now covers in excess of 6,000 individuals in the wealth management sector. Clients find it essential for determining remuneration trends and retaining key staff - indeed clients of the survey have a higher rate of staff retention than the industry average.


Example Remuneration Management Summary Report



   Focussed exclusively on Investment Managers, Private Banks and Stockbrokers

   Covers over 100 positions with data for more than 6,000 individuals

   Proven reduction in staff turnover, which leads to increased trust and productivity

   Two surveys per year, providing up-to-date information close to review dates  


For further information on ComPeer's remuneration survey please contact Mike Levy (mike.levy@compeer.co.uk)